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On April 3, 1882, Jesse James was killed by Robert Ford, who was a . of the federal paymaster of a canal project in Killen, Alabama, and two more train robberies. . Some filmmakers portrayed the former outlaw as a revenger, replacing .

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Alabama, Jesse James and Other Legends of the Old West - Yahoo ...

Mar 23, 2009 . Alabama, Jesse James and Other Legends of the Old West . tracked Billy to nearby Fort Sumner, where he shot and killed they young outlaw.


Outlaw Jesse James -

From there they went to Alabama. . According to my family lore, the outlaw Jesse James had stayed with the Pleasant James family members from time to time.


Frank James (1843 - 1915) - Find A Grave Memorial

Jan 1, 2001 . Frank James, Jesse James, Cole Younger and other "Raiders" . After the acquittal and pardon from the Missouri trial, he was taken to Huntsville, Alabama, . offers to capitalize on his outlaw fame turning down many offers.

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Jesse James - St. Joseph Convention & Visitors Bureau

Jesse Woodson James was born in Kearney, Missouri on September 5, 1847. . In 1995 forensic scientist James Starrs exhumed the outlaw's body at . guilty, tried for robbery in Alabama and found not guilty, and finally tried for armed robbery .

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Jesse James: Infamous American outlaw of the Old West ... -

Read all about Jesse James, and outlaw and folk hero who remained at large for . but Jesse James was not to be gotten. . Rylee Brooks · Athens, Alabama.

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Jesse James Time Line - Legends of America

Chronology of Jesse James and the James Gang. . 1881, $5200 was taken from a paymaster as he left a bank in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. . See cowboys, trails, lawmen, outlaws, cookbooks, ghost towns, Native Americans, and lots More!

Whiskey - Jesse James

The Original Jesse James America's Outlaw Bourbon Whiskey is distilled in the heart of Kentucky. Or simply put, “Made in the USA.” We have carefully selected .

Shadows of the Past, Inc., Looks at Jesse James -

Shadows of the Past, Inc., takes a chronological look at Jesse James. . 1881 - $5200 taken from a paymaster as he left a bank in Muscle Shoals, Alabama.

James-Younger Gang - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Membership fluctuated from robbery to robbery, as the outlaws' raids were usually . Three years later, Jesse James organized a new gang and renewed his . trains, and stagecoaches in Missouri, Kentucky, Alabama, Iowa, Texas, Arkansas, .

Jesse James and Frank James (American outlaws) -- Encyclopedia ...

Jesse James and Frank James, in full, respectively, Jesse Woodson James and . The James gang robbed banks from Iowa to Alabama and Texas and began .

Frank and Jesse James - RootsWeb -

FRANK AND JESSE JAMES' ROBBERY IN 1881 . From the Tuscumbia, AL., North Alabamian and Times, Friday, March 18, 1881, p. 3. . at the loss of the mon[ey] and is leaving nothing undone that can lead to the capture of these outlaws.

Frank & Jesse James's Last Ride - Huntsville, AL -

Ask anyone who's grown up in Huntsville and they'll be able to tell you all about the time that Jesse James and his gang staged a daring robbery on the First .

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FrontierTimes - Outlaws - Jesse James

Part of the Outlaw Series . Jesse Woodson James was the son of a Baptist minister. . Government Paymaster - Muscle Shoals, Alabama - 3 men - $5,000

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Jesse James: Infamous American outlaw of the Old West ... -

Read all about Jesse James, and outlaw and folk hero who remained at large for almost two decades before he was finally . Rylee Brooks · Athens, Alabama.

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James Younger Gang | Facts Summary Information - History Net

The gang consisted of the James brothers, Jesse James and his older brother . During their outlaw careers, the James brothers and the Younger brothers dealt . of a paymaster in Muscle Shoals, Ala., Frank also stood trial in Huntsville, Ala.

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The last ride of Jesse James: Infamous outlaw's last crime was ...

Apr 16, 2012 . The last crime committed by Jesse James was to rob a payroll for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' Blue Water Camp in Alabama. (Photo by .

Jesse James Unfolded-The Truth Behind the Conspiracy - HubPages

Feb 14, 2012 . Jesse James was born to a Baptist minister and hemp farmer in Clay County . when he decided to become the most famous outlaw known in America. . of Huntsville Alabama...proudly tours the bank Frank and Jesse James .

A Timeline of Events in the History of the James-Younger Gang ...

Jesse and Frank James, Cole, Jim, and Bob Younger, Clell Miller, Bill . Both Jesse and Frank want to give up the outlaw life and want to live as low key as . The brothers decide to flee to Alabama to wait and see how the situation developes.

Frank James, of the James Gang, acquited in Huntsville ...

Apr 22, 2011 . One local barfly had the temerity to question his outlaw credentials and . Jesse James, and his brother Frank, were soon implicated in the robbery and . US Attorney and a former governor of Alabama during Reconstruction.

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Outlaw Jesse James is born in Missouri — This Day in ...

Seen by some as a vicious murderer and by others as a gallant Robin Hood, the famous outlaw Jesse Woodson James is born on this day in 1847, in Clay .

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